Thursday, April 29, 2010

Story Telling

For our final assignment we had to take a series of 3-5 pictures that told a story...

Have you heard of the Weeping Widow in Spanish Fork Cemetery?

Legend has it that her husband and child were killed, and if you go to her grave at midnight on specific nights of the year you can hear and see the statue of her crying.

I have two things I have to say about this:
1) I never managed to get there on the right night cuz I never saw/heard it..
2) The headstones at the foot of her statue don't even fit with the story.
It's an urban legend that I grew up with (big shout out here to Crazy Nora as well) so the memories of believing are better anyway.... =D

Anyway- I chose to do this as my final (the last is the Weeping Widow):

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  1. I checked this out too. It freakin' creeped me out. You know where you're in places where you just have unexplainable shivers down your spin? I get those a lot, but while i was there. I almost cried. I'm a October kid so i believe in this way to much then i should. I live where mystery and ghost stories. We even checked out some other places around Provo, Utah. The Old Pump House down in Benjamin... There's so many we only got to a few that night. Still, creepy. The Weeping Willow/Widow was my favorite out of these ghost stories. I wish i'd find a few stories of her past.