Friday, March 30, 2012

Bibbity Bobbity Boo...

Hello Peep!
There has been so much going on! I realized that I have put off posting ANYTHING because I have miss so much and felt like I needed to post EVERYTHING- so... I'm giving myself a clean slate to post from (I'm going to do this on my fourth floor blog as well- and if you need permission to do this on YOUR blog *granted*. Think of me as your very own "brand-spankin-new-blog-slate-fairy-godmother" ;).




*SIGH* That's much better! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dr. Twilight Haters,

If it's not for you- I get it, but don't be a hater. :) I know (as does almost every other girl who goes to the midnight showing) that they are cheesey, unrealistick, and a bit silly. BUT- I still love going. I will be sad when they are all over. The show is fun, and the night out is a blast.
Doubt me? You are more than invited to come with us next November (15th at MN).

Come prove me wrong.

Have a horrible time and hate the two hour suspension of reality, and most hilarious comments from the peanut gallery.

I double dog dare you!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


I realize it has been two MONTHS. Did you miss me?

Thanks, I missed you too.

This post is nothing fancy- just a couple pictures of two of my favorite subjects to catch...

I promise not to stay away for quite as long this time. =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

All About Megan...

You know those people you look at and say to yourself, "That gal is goin' places!"? I hate them too- usually.
Let me tell you about one such gal that you cannot hate. Megan.
She's my niece, has been most her life ;), and she's amazing. This past month she graduated from Hillcrest High (Congrats!), and has plans to go to SUU. She's wonderfully talented in the theater arts, has been involved in numerous choirs, plays and the like, has done a commercial for some crazy energy drink (which I still have yet to see), and is currently being considered for "The Voice." You can check out her video (and leave a comment about how amazing she is) HERE.
So, to top off all this greatness--- she's seriously the sweetest person. ever. Trust me, you would love her. I do :)
Bottom line...
Megan- I am so freakin' proud of you! You are AMAZING, and I am so excited to see the reaction the world is going to have when you take it by storm!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swim School Survival 101...or how to deal with foot porn

Oh, Internet- I'm afraid it's that time of year again...*sigh*
Swimming lessons are a must for the kiddos, but the swimming school schedule is not always conducive with their mom's schedules. So... a couple of times a year I have to suck it up, and take them. To the pool! Where there are NAKED FEET.

Everywhere. *shutter*

(For those of you who don't know- I have an extreme aversion to naked feet- not baby toes- those are just cute, but adults... no. thank. you.)

Should you find yourself in such a position I suggest the following tools:
1)find a table as close to the entrance as possible. People usually walk in from the outside world with fully covered toes, so this will minimize the actual nakedness you may see.
2)After giving your little one a smile and and a "have fun" without cringing, let it go. Their safety is no longer your problem. Nope! That is exactly what the lifeguards and swim school instructors are being paid for. The next 45 minutes are yours.
3)Sunglasses are a MUST. I can't stress this enough. The enhanced darkness will help to minimize the impact of toes that are just impossible to get away from. As you can see I prefer the ones that can double as a tiara, but it's a personal choice we each must make for ourselves.
4)an i pod (Or any other device that you can plug into your ears, go to your happy place, and pretend you are anywhere but at a pool. with naked feet.

Everywhere. *shutter*

5)An interesting book. This will serve you well as both a secondary buffer for focusing your mental attention AND your physical eyes on something other than the foot porn that surrounds you.
6) *not pictured- sorry* a phone in your back pocket with an alarm set to 10:14 (or one minute til you little one is scheduled to get out of the water), so that you can quickly stash everything away and be there waiting with shoes, a warm open towel, and a smile that says "I was totally watching the WHOLE time, and you ROCKED IT!"

So, there you go. My personal set of survival skills at the pool. I hope they serve you as well as they serve me. :)

- might I also suggest a quick Pepsi run after to help with the nausea after? :D

**"Shudder" not "ShuTTer"** (Thanks Camille! LOL)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Like everyday I've tried to shoot the past two...make that three... months, rain was on the wind the day Breanna and her mom, Mindee (who makes a great photographer's assistant by the way) met me to shoot her bridals.
Although the dark clouds threatened to open up on us at any moment, (don't think there wasn't some serious prayin'/beggin' in my car on the way over "Please don't let it rain. Please don't let it rain. Please"...well imagine that mantra all the way from Spanish Fork to American Fork and you'll get the idea) we made it thorough the shoot without getting her beautiful wedding dress wet. *whew*

She looks lovely, and she's getting married to the boy of her dreams tomorrow!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Jeremy is a great kid who's prize possession is his longboard, and has his mother's sarcastic humor that made this particular shoot fun. He does a killer "Magnum" impression (which I swore I would NOT post...but I really WANT to post...), and sometimes you can even get him to give you a genuine smile! :)
He has now joined the ranks of the Springville Red Devil Alumni, and has some great things planed for his future. A mission, a camera (may I suggest a Canon?), and a motorcycle are all in the works.